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Fri Dec 7 17:21:20 UTC 2012

On Thu, Dec 06, 2012 at 02:19:42PM +0000, Fricke, Silvio wrote:
> Hi,
> I have sent this message to the prjmgr-list and also to Mr. Kroah-Hartman because in the archive of
> ml I have found a message (Oct 2010) of closing this ml but the wiki-pages (old and latest one)
> points me to this prjmgr-list.

Sorry about that, try posting to the development mailing list instead,
the project manager list is dead.

But first, some questions below:

> Now to my request: We have developed a prototype of an i.mx6 CPU-module connected to an ANALOGIX
> AN9804 chip. This is a DisplayPort/HDMI-Transmitter [1]. This is a converter for simple rgb-signals
> to DisplayPort and HDMI signals. The ANX is connected with the i.mx6 over i2c. Audio plays in this
> context also a role.
> The chip has these features:
> - DisplayPort 1.1a with HDCP 1.3
> - HDMI 1.3 with HDCP 1.2
> - HDMI 1.2 and DVI 1.0 backward compatible
> output:
> - Dual Mode: DisplayPort or HDMI output
> - 1/2/4 lane operation at up to HBR(2.7Gbps/lane) and RBR(1.62 Gbps/lane)
> - DisplayPort mode Spread Spectrum Clock (SSC) support
> - Support up to 2560X1600(WQXGA)@60Hz with 30bpp colour depth
> - YCbCr to RGB conversion
> - 4:4:4 and 4:2:2 data input formats
> - 18/24/30/36 bits per pixel video support
> - Embedded audio support
> - HDCP encryption
> input:
> - 18-bit DVO/LVTTL flexible video input
> - SDR and DDR data modes support
> - Deep colour up to 36bpp in DDR support
> audio input:
> - S/PDIF audio mode including two-channel uncompressed L-PCM and multi-channel compressed DTS
>   support
> - 32,44.1,48,88.2,96,176.4 to 192KHz audio sampling rates support
> others:
> - Embedded HDCP key shared for DisplayPort, HDMI , and DVI modes
> - Programmable output swing and pre-emphasis
> - Support of upstream content protection protocol with embedded upstream keys
> - Hot Plug and Unplug detection mechanism
> - Built-in video pattern generator and audio tone generator for system self-test
> Is this project feasible for you and your team?

Possibly, yes.  First though, lots of these things are already supported
today with Linux, are you sure this device isn't already working with
Linux, and perhaps just the glue-logic of putting the pieces together of
the existing IP blocks?

Also, the best place to ask about this type of device is the
linux-media at mailing list, where the Linux Media
developers are.  They should be able to help you out in getting a driver
written for this device the easiest.  If they fail to respond, please
let me know.


greg k-h

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