FW: Request for driver development

Maciej Grela maciej.grela at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 21:39:40 UTC 2010

2010/12/6 Mitch Szanyi <mszanyi at gmail.com>:
> Hi Greg,
> I will need to confirm what the ID's are as some use the Atheros default
> while others are changed to our internal ID's. The non standard frequencies
> may need some tweaking but I will also need to verify what specific chipsets
> you already have drivers for and what ones you may not.
> As I am new in regards to working with the opensource community, may I ask
> if there is anything you may need from a company n our position as well? We
> have many customers working with opensource drivers for our devices as well
> as firmware packages and they are all pushing us to take a proactive
> approach to assisting the community, this assisting them.

Please release the firmware for your devices on terms which allow
inclusion in the mainline linux kernel firmware package. This provides
true out of the box support for your device in all distributions of

Best regards,
Maciej Grela

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