FW: Request for driver development

Mitch Szanyi mszanyi at zcomax.com
Mon Dec 6 18:13:12 UTC 2010

Please see the attached file for product table.

From: Mitch Szanyi [mailto:mszanyi at zcomax.com] 
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2010 11:59 AM
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Subject: Request for driver development

My company Zcomax Technologies, Inc. is the acting business center in North
America for the Radio manufacturer Zcom based in Taiwan. One of our
customer's has pointed me to your direction in order to see if you would be
willing to develop drivers for our products. I understand you will need some
documentation which we can provided and an NDA will only be required if we
have information that we need to protect but I do not see offhand where that
will be necessary. Attached are the spec sheets for the products I have
listed below in case you need any details.

If you need more information at this time let me know and I will get back to
you promptly and If this does look like something you are willing to
undertake I will provide to you whatever information you may need.

Best regards,

Mitch Szanyi
Zcomax Technologies, Inc.

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