airgo wireless drivers

Williams, Jeffrey D. angelbane at
Sun May 4 14:32:53 UTC 2008

> I had got the cross compiled toolchain from Yanbo. Does crossdev work on Fedora?
> Is the MIPS hardware required? I have only X86 hardware.
> I had achieve greatly on reversing the driver on Windows, though there
> is no good tool to disassemble it fully yet. I think I can overcome
> it. The driver on Windows is for F5D8010 chipset. Some of its action
> are identical with the driver on MIPS, otheres not so.
> I guess they are not for same chipset and they are the same family chipset.

No, MIPS hardware isn't required, I did all of the reverse engineering on X86 machines. And from what I can tell, all of the drivers for airgo chipsets, whether on linux-based routers or windows are generated from the more or less the same sources. In fact, the AGN300 drivers use most of the original code written for the agn100.


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