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Sylvain Nahas nahas.sylvain at
Fri Jan 18 11:06:31 UTC 2008

Dear Linux Driver Project project managers,

ADDI-DATA GmbH develops (among other) high-precision, high-availability
PCI boards for industrial use (measurement and process- control ) We
offers since some years now “out-of-tree” Linux drivers for our PCI

We are wishing to progressively push support for our hardware in the
mainline kernel. The objective is that for our customers the ADDI-DATA
Linux experience be “it just works out of the box”. To achieve this
goal, we need the help of kernel hackers.

Now a point about the current state of affair: 

* We currently have Linux support for 50 boards, which makes 18 drivers,
at various levels of maturity and completeness of functionalities.
Offered functionalities are mainly digital and analogue I/O

* The code is not Linux coding-style compliant.
* All of these drivers are GPL-ed.

* Most of the communication with user-space is done through ioctl()
calls. There are no generic kernel subsystems that we are aware of that
addresses the problematic of our kind of hardware.  Probably developing
such subsystems would help other vendors as well and improve the kernel.

* User API backward compatibility at source-code level is wished but may
be dropped if there are good reasons for it (for example: integration in
a generic framework instead of current custom tailored solutions)

* We expect this experience to also be the occasion for us to increase
our skill level and offer (yet) better Linux support in the future.

I was thinking to begin with simple drivers.

I will be for now the main correspondent for this project, along with my
colleague Julien Krauth.
Please feel free to contact me. 

I am looking forward for your answer,
Sylvain Nahas

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
Sylvain Nahas

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