HP Visualize FX10 graphics

Shashikiran Ganesh shashikiran.ganesh at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 05:27:18 UTC 2007


The HP VIsualize FX10 graphics accelerator has linux support but the
last supported version dates from the days of RedHat 7.2  (see link
I am currently using the system with redhat 7.3 on the HP Visualize PL
workstation (1GHz dual CPU with 2GB RAM).

The link to the HP fx5/fx10 Xserver, OpenGL, device driver and kernel
module is below:

Would be nice if the driver could be updated to the 2.6 series.
However, it uses HP's Xhp graphics server in addition and I am not
sure if that would work in the 2.6 series.  HP themselves have not
responded to requests for updates/more information.

I am not subscribed to the list so if you need any further information
please contact me directly at shashikiran.ganesh_AT_gmail_dot_com

Thanks and keep up the great work!!
Shashikiran Ganesh


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