Out-Of-Tree-Driver-proposal: Eumex-family

Michael Veeck michael.veeck at gmx.net
Wed Nov 21 13:11:34 UTC 2007

Hi everybody,
sorry for sending this to greg and this list. but I thought about the
ISDN-telephone-system "Eumex 504 USB" I have at my home. Besides the
standard telephone ports it also offers one USB-port for connecting your
PC just like a normal ISDN-modem. Alas, DeutscheTelekom, who sold it
along with their ISDN-accounts) only offers Windows-Driver so people are
stuck here with that OS.

Somebody already started to develop a driver for the whole family of
Eumex-devices at http://sourceforge.net/projects/eumex/ but this code
seems unfinished and wont probably be ready for inclusion in mainline.
So if any german developer is in your list of work-seeking developers he
might be capable of helping that project.

Best regards and keep up that good work
Michael Veeck

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