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Tue Jun 26 17:02:14 UTC 2007


My name is Robert Berger. For me it is not much better than for Josef.
I'm not Danish Egyptian, but I'm an Austrian living the last ten or so
years in Greece and currently I am in the U.S. for some consulting.
BTW my wife has a Greek and an Egyptian passport, if that helps;)

I'm into embedded systems even longer than in Greece and have done among
other things automotive and consumer projects closed and open source.

Currently I work for a Greek IT company and I'm a so called "Embedded
Systems Software Group Leader" managing a team, which is porting IPTV
middleware to various set-top boxes.

Besides this I have my own shop (, which
operates with a pretty international team all over the globe and work as
a teaching assistant for AIT ( in cooperation with Carnegie

I am still writing code, but usually not Linux kernel drivers, so I
offered Greg from the very beginning to help out with the managerial
stuff since I believe I'm better on this.
Autopsy will show, if I'm right with this.

Regards and feel free to contact me,


Training - Consulting - Engineering

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