Josef Assad josef.assad at
Tue Jun 26 00:08:22 UTC 2007


So, given the unusual levels of peace and quiet on this and the
developer list, I thought I'd break the tranquility to get the ball
rolling with an introduction (a community of project managers! Eek!).

I'm Danish Egyptian, and I've been in open source in one form or
another since 1999. I co-founded EGLUG ( and went on to
co-found what is probably the region's first open source consultancy
( Not being the best programmer, I've always taken a
more organizational approach to my contribution to open source, most
recently with the Grameen Foundation ( being
responsible for the MENA regional Mifos project (

I joined up in this initiative since Greg asked for organizational
skills apart from raw development skills (there's F/LOSS projects out
there who list the absence of any code contributions from me as a sign
of code quality!). Though I should be technical enough to contribute
here (know any other people with degrees in financial management who
write memos in vim/latex, and who like to roll their own kernels?). :)

So, that's my introduction. Would be good if my peer project managers
would give a shout too, and I'm half tempted to jump on the developer
mailing list and scare the developers into signing up for this list as
well to keep an eye on the whole initiative community. Greg, I agree on
the separate lists; good idea in a complementary fashion to make sure
the list separation doesn't result in a PHB or a hacker-dominated

I'm a bit harried at the moment, so I'll post back with more ideas when
I have a breather.


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