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Thu Jul 26 00:45:45 UTC 2007


I guess it's my turn.

My name is Leigh Bassett and I live in Maryland.  I'm a retired 
engineer and engineering manager.  Many years doing both hardware and
software design of microprocessor-based systems, primarily in data 
communications and control systems.  Lots of real-time stuff.

I got into computer programming in 1960, and begain working with 
micros when the 8080 was introduced (?1974?).  I started working
with personal computers with the Altair 8800, ten years before the 
IBM PC was designed.  I probably had the first Altair in the state.

Languages include Fortran (not recently), assembler (on almost every
micro ever made), and ANSI C.  I don't do C++, C--, C sharp, C flat 
or other variants thereof ;-)

So I think I qualify as an old timer.  Now that I'm retired I have 
plenty of time available to screw up other peoples' projects ;-)

Hope I can help.  I look forward to working with all of you.

Best regards.


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