Kindly Help

Engr. Ahmad ghan at
Fri Sep 17 16:34:42 UTC 2021

Hello Dear,
 How are you doing? My name is Engr. Ahmad Ghanzarfar. I am one of the board of directors of Ghanzafar Group of companies which is a family business. I am married with Two kids but my wife was killed by the Taliban. My Family is Under the Threat of Talibans for Our resolute A true Support for Democratic Government in Afghanistan. Due to the Current issue  in the Country, Many Families are running for their dear lives  as Talibans are Killing civilians, women and children. My brother and family has been assasinated by the Talibans and I am the next target because they want to take over our oil company and oil wells. I really need your assistant to relocate my family to your country as soon as possible. My family is in a hideout currently in Panjshir province of Afghanistan. Kindly assist me in this my trying time. 
Engr. Ahmad Ghanzarfar

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