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PAYMENT OF US$1,900,000.OO (One Million, Nine Hundred Thousand United States Dollars)

Geneva Summit for Human Rights and Democracy 18 oct 2020 (UN Information Service) - The United Nations Compensation Commission has made available a total of $199,164,829.35 to 14 governments for distribution to 32,859 successful beneficiaries.

Payment is being made in respect of 139 claims in category "A" (claims of individuals for departure from Kuwait or Iraq), 31,880 claims in category "C" (claims individuals for damages up to $100,000), including 31,715 "Bedouin" claims, 785 claims in category "D" (claims of individuals, both victims of fraud and various cases of Local and international scams and for damages above $100,000), 41 claims in category "E" (claims of corporations, other private legal entities, and public sector enterprises) and 14 claims in category "F" (claims of governments and international organizations).

This payment is being made in accordance with the Governing council's decision 227, which extended the temporary payment mechanism set out by the Governing Council in its decision 197, under which up to $200 million from the Compensation Fund will be made available for the payment of claims every quarter. In the present round of payment, all newly approved claims, i.e., claims approved for payment at the fifty-sixth session, will receive $1.9 million or the principal amount of the award, if less. Additional funds will be disbursed to the claimants, whose claims were approved from the forty-eighth to the fifty-fifth sessions, also bringing the total payment to each of them up to a maximum of $1.9 million. In order to fully disburse the available funds, the claims will be paid up to $2 million, depending on the order in which they have been approved.

Based on our latest investigation, we have realized that the corruption in various arms of the government in many countries have made it impossible for the circulation of these funds to reach the less privileged and delegated NGOs, in our quest to curb this corruption we resulted to using individual beneficiaries and private companies, who are selected to be our beneficiary.

Our private beneficiaries would receive the above funds and choose two local-based NGOs (less privileged homes) of their choice to donate 80% of the amount and keep 20% as compensation from the UN.

A UN Debit MasterCard has been pre-approved with the amount of US$1,900,000.00 (One Million, Nine Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) and it would be fully activated and sent to your designated address via speed courier service if you accept to act as our private beneficiary.

Upon full activation of the UN Debit MasterCard, you would be able to make ATM withdrawal and transfers of the funds.

Please contact your appointed officer for your Debit Card.

                                                                                                                      Officer: Mr. Paul Sesay

                                                                                                                       Tell: +27 81 382 0328 

                                                                                                                    Thank you and best regards

                                                                                        Paul Sesay (Financial Counselor)IMF Compliance Department.
                                                                                                    United Nations Compensation Commission uncc

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