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Madudu mmushokoro18 at
Sat May 1 08:49:22 UTC 2021

Good day to you. My name is Madudu Mushokoro. from Democratic 
Republic of the Congo (DRC) Africa, may you permit me to inform 
you of my desire to go into a business relationship with you 
personally or with your company, for a lucrative offshore 
investment partnership. We have available huge sum of fund made 
through Diamonds trade in my country.

I will like you to front to invest the huge fund into an offshore 
investment project that is viable and I would like you to co-
ordinate this investment project on our behalf, we are looking 
towards offshore investment due to political and economic 
instability in our region (Central Africa). The fund available 
for investment is in cash.

Your position in this arrangement will be as follows:
{1} To front and accommodate the cash into your nominated bank 
{2} To travel for the process of lodging the cash into your 
nominated bank account.
{3} To decide on lucrative projects in your country for the 
investment and co-ordinate the investments project.
{4} The compensation (percentage of the fund ) for accommodating 
the fund into your account is negotiable before the remaining 
percentage is invested.

If the proposal meets your consideration and approval, you are 
hereby required to make a proper arrangement by sending me a 
letter of Acknowledgement to facilitate a successful business

Warm Regards,


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