Dear friend

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Fri Aug 6 16:09:17 UTC 2021

Good day my dearest one

I know this contact may surprise you. I am writing this email to you
with heavy tears. When I wanted to find someone far away for personal
reasons, my eyes and my heart were extremely sad. Although we didn’t
know each other before, i decided to tell you this,  I have no choice
to contact you. My name is Rev Father Isaac Bryan from St Mary
Orphanage home, am contacting you on a risk free business proposal
about a 15 year old girl whose name is Farrina Kipkalya that is in St
Mary Orphanage home here in Burkina Faso. Her parents settled in
Burkina Faso as an investor 9 years ago, but they died in a car
accident in 2020,and left this little girl alone without no relatives
because she is there only child.

Not knowing her parents deposited  3,500,000.00 US dollars(3.5
million US dollars) into a fixed deposit account in U.B.A bank in
Burkina Faso, her parents raised funds from a 9-year investor in
Burkina Faso . The money is still there. We  have been to the bank
several occasion but the bank has refused to release this fund to this
little girl because she is an under aged  girl, the bank advised we
should bring a foreigner that will receive this fund and then transfer
it to this little girl to ease and help this little orphan. We have
the approve proper legal documents to hand them over this fund to you
in your country, that is the reason why i am contacting you to help
receive this fund in your country, to help the life of this little
girl and the other orphans here in the orphanage home here in St Mary
Orphanage home in Burkina Faso

I hope you use 60% of the money for personal use to show your trust
and efforts to make this gift a reality, and 40% of the money will be
donated to this little girl to help better her life and the life’s of
other orphan here in the orphanage  home over here in Burkina Faso and
also to Street charities. After receiving your reply, I will contact
you as soon as possible with the  process  and approve the current
beneficiary’s funds The director of the bank will be notified that you
are the person I choose to collect on this little girls behalf. you
can call or chat me on whastapp with this number +22656813675

May the peace of the lord be with you
Rev Father Isaac Bryan
Director St Mary Orphanage Home

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