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Tue Oct 6 21:10:55 UTC 2020

My name is Reem Hashimy, the Emirates Minister of State and Managing Director of the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) World Expo 2020 Committee which has been postponed to October 2021 to March 2022 because of the Covid-19 pandemic.
I am writing to you to manage the funds I received as financial gratification from various foreign companies I assisted to receive a participation approval to the coming event. The amount is $44,762,906.00 United States dollars. But I can not personally manage the fund in my country because of the sensitive nature of my office and the certain restriction on married Muslim women.

For this reason, an agreement was reached with a consulting firm to direct the various financial gifts into an open beneficiary account in my name with a bank where it will be possible for me to instruct the transfer of ownership right to a third party for investment purpose; which is the reason I am contacting you to receive the fund and manage it as my investment partner. Note that the fund is NOT connected to any criminal or terrorist activity.
On your indication of interest with your information to include your name, your phone number and contact mailing address; I will instruct the consulting firm to process the fund from the bank to your country for investment purposes.

Reem Hashimy.

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