staging: Add rtl8723bs sdio wifi driver

Colin Ian King colin.king at
Tue May 21 13:49:25 UTC 2019


static analysis with Coverity has detected an issues in the rtl8723bs
wifi driver:

File: drivers/staging/rtl8723bs/os_dep/ioctl_linux.c in function

CID 18480: Operands don't affect result (CONSTANT_EXPRESSION_RESULT)
dead_error_condition: The condition (extra_arg & 7U) > 7U cannot be true.

        if ((extra_arg & 0x07) > 0x07)
                padapter->driver_ampdu_spacing = 0xFF;
                padapter->driver_ampdu_spacing = extra_arg;

I'm not sure if the mask is (in)correct or the value it is being
compared to 0x07 is (in)correct (or both!)


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