[PATCH 0/4] staging: iio: ad7150: improve driver readability

Melissa Wen melissa.srw at gmail.com
Fri May 3 22:13:06 UTC 2019

This patchset solves readability issues in AD7150 code, such as clarify
register and mask definition, fashion improvement of mask uses, reduce
tedious operation and useless comments.

Melissa Wen (4):
  staging: iio: ad7150: organize registers definition
  staging: iio: ad7150: use FIELD_GET and GENMASK
  staging: iio: ad7150: simplify i2c SMBus return treatment
  staging: iio: ad7150: clean up of comments

 drivers/staging/iio/cdc/ad7150.c | 102 ++++++++++++++-----------------
 1 file changed, 47 insertions(+), 55 deletions(-)


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