[PATCH 00/31] staging: bcm2835-camera: Improvements

Dave Stevenson dave.stevenson at raspberrypi.org
Fri Jun 28 10:39:19 UTC 2019

Hi Stefan

Firstly a huge thank you for picking this up - it's been on my to-do
list for ages, and just hasn't made it to the top.

On Fri, 28 Jun 2019 at 09:06, Hans Verkuil <hverkuil at xs4all.nl> wrote:
> Hi Stefan,
> On 6/27/19 8:55 PM, Stefan Wahren wrote:
> > This is an attempt to help Dave Stevenson to get all the fixes and
> > improvements of the bcm2835-camera driver into mainline.
> >
> > Mostly i only polished the commit logs for upstream.
> >
> > The series based on the latest bugfix V2 of staging: bcm2835-camera: Resto=
> > re
> > return behavior of ctrl_set_bitrate().
> Thank you for working on this.
> Three high-level questions:
> 1) Can you post the output of 'v4l2-compliance -s' using the latest v4l2-compliance
>    from https://git.linuxtv.org/v4l-utils.git ?  I'm interested to see what the
>    status is of this driver w.r.t. the compliance tests.

Hi Hans.

Running it against the downstream driver (which should be nearly
identical based on this set of patches), 4.19, on a Pi4 I get
pi at raspberrypi:~/v4l-utils/utils/v4l2-compliance $ ./v4l2-compliance -s
v4l2-compliance SHA: b16f9e945d74aa552abdd6f873821cb77faaf13a, 32 bits

Compliance test for bm2835 mmal device /dev/video0:

Driver Info:
    Driver name      : bm2835 mmal
    Card type        : mmal service 16.1
    Bus info         : platform:bcm2835-v4l2
    Driver version   : 4.19.56
    Capabilities     : 0x85200005
        Video Capture
        Video Overlay
        Extended Pix Format
        Device Capabilities
    Device Caps      : 0x05200005
        Video Capture
        Video Overlay
        Extended Pix Format

Required ioctls:

Allow for multiple opens:
    test second /dev/video0 open: OK
    test for unlimited opens: OK

Debug ioctls:
    test VIDIOC_DBG_G/S_REGISTER: OK (Not Supported)

Input ioctls:
    test VIDIOC_G/S_TUNER/ENUM_FREQ_BANDS: OK (Not Supported)
    test VIDIOC_G/S_FREQUENCY: OK (Not Supported)
    test VIDIOC_S_HW_FREQ_SEEK: OK (Not Supported)
    test VIDIOC_ENUMAUDIO: OK (Not Supported)
    test VIDIOC_G/S_AUDIO: OK (Not Supported)
    Inputs: 1 Audio Inputs: 0 Tuners: 0

Output ioctls:
    test VIDIOC_G/S_MODULATOR: OK (Not Supported)
    test VIDIOC_G/S_FREQUENCY: OK (Not Supported)
    test VIDIOC_ENUMAUDOUT: OK (Not Supported)
    test VIDIOC_G/S/ENUMOUTPUT: OK (Not Supported)
    test VIDIOC_G/S_AUDOUT: OK (Not Supported)
    Outputs: 0 Audio Outputs: 0 Modulators: 0

Input/Output configuration ioctls:
    test VIDIOC_ENUM/G/S/QUERY_STD: OK (Not Supported)
    test VIDIOC_ENUM/G/S/QUERY_DV_TIMINGS: OK (Not Supported)
    test VIDIOC_DV_TIMINGS_CAP: OK (Not Supported)
    test VIDIOC_G/S_EDID: OK (Not Supported)

Control ioctls (Input 0):
    test VIDIOC_G/S_CTRL: OK
    test VIDIOC_G/S_JPEGCOMP: OK (Not Supported)
    Standard Controls: 33 Private Controls: 0

Format ioctls (Input 0):
    test VIDIOC_G/S_PARM: OK
    test VIDIOC_G_FBUF: OK
    test VIDIOC_G_FMT: OK
    test VIDIOC_S_FMT: OK
    test VIDIOC_G_SLICED_VBI_CAP: OK (Not Supported)
    test Cropping: OK (Not Supported)
    test Composing: OK (Not Supported)
    test Scaling: OK

Codec ioctls (Input 0):
    test VIDIOC_(TRY_)ENCODER_CMD: OK (Not Supported)
    test VIDIOC_G_ENC_INDEX: OK (Not Supported)
    test VIDIOC_(TRY_)DECODER_CMD: OK (Not Supported)

Buffer ioctls (Input 0):
    test VIDIOC_EXPBUF: OK (Not Supported)
    test Requests: OK (Not Supported)

Test input 0:

Streaming ioctls:
    test read/write: OK
    test blocking wait: OK
            warn: v4l2-test-buffers.cpp(1429): Can free buffers even
if still mmap()ed
    test MMAP (no poll): OK
            warn: v4l2-test-buffers.cpp(1429): Can free buffers even
if still mmap()ed
    test MMAP (select): OK
            warn: v4l2-test-buffers.cpp(1429): Can free buffers even
if still mmap()ed
    test MMAP (epoll): OK
    test USERPTR (no poll): OK
    test USERPTR (select): OK
    test DMABUF (no poll): OK (Not Supported)
    test DMABUF (select): OK (Not Supported)

Total for bm2835 mmal device /dev/video0: 53, Succeeded: 53, Failed:
0, Warnings: 3

The warnings are because downstream we have an early version of
"media: vb2: Allow reqbufs(0) with "in use" MMAP buffers" that doesn't
set the flag to userspace. I need to revert that and apply the
accepted one (it's not a clean cherrypick though).

I do try and run compliance every few months because I'm aware that
you frequently add extra tests.

> 2) What is the status of this driver from your point of view? What is needed to
>    get it out of staging?

I think the main issue is the dependency on vchiq. I'm hoping that the
V4L2 side of this is now relatively clean, but it probably wants a
full review when someone has the time.

> 3) Out of curiosity: is this driver still valid for RPi4?

Yes, it is still valid. The imaging side hasn't changed significantly,
it just runs a bit faster.


> Regards,
>         Hans
> >
> > Dave Stevenson (31):
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Ensure H264 header bytes get a sensible
> >     timestamp
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Check the error for REPEAT_SEQ_HEADER
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Replace spinlock protecting context_map with
> >     mutex
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Do not bulk receive from service thread
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Correctly denote key frames in encoded data
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Return early on errors
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Remove dead email addresses
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Fix comment style violations.
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Fix spacing around operators
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Reduce length of enum names
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Fix multiple line dereference errors
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Fix brace style issues.
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Fix missing lines between items
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Fix open parenthesis alignment
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Ensure all buffers are returned on disable
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Remove check of the number of buffers
> >     supplied
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Handle empty EOS buffers whilst streaming
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Set sequence number correctly
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Ensure timestamps never go backwards.
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Add multiple inclusion protection to headers
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Unify header inclusion defines
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Fix multiple assignments should be avoided
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Fix up mmal-parameters.h
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Use enums for max value in controls
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Correct V4L2_CID_COLORFX_CBCR behaviour
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Remove/amend some obsolete comments
> >   staging: mmal-vchiq: Avoid use of bool in structures
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Fix stride on RGB3/BGR3 formats
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Add sanity checks for queue_setup/CREATE_BUFS
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Set the field value within ach buffer
> >   staging: bcm2835-camera: Correct ctrl min/max/step/def to 64bit
> >
> >  .../vc04_services/bcm2835-camera/bcm2835-camera.c  | 378 ++++++++++++----=
> > -----
> >  .../vc04_services/bcm2835-camera/bcm2835-camera.h  |  34 +-
> >  .../vc04_services/bcm2835-camera/controls.c        | 184 +++++-----
> >  .../vc04_services/bcm2835-camera/mmal-common.h     |  12 +-
> >  .../vc04_services/bcm2835-camera/mmal-encodings.h  |   9 +-
> >  .../vc04_services/bcm2835-camera/mmal-msg-common.h |   9 +-
> >  .../vc04_services/bcm2835-camera/mmal-msg-format.h | 104 +++---
> >  .../vc04_services/bcm2835-camera/mmal-msg-port.h   | 133 ++++----
> >  .../vc04_services/bcm2835-camera/mmal-msg.h        | 150 ++++----
> >  .../vc04_services/bcm2835-camera/mmal-parameters.h | 286 +++++++++-------
> >  .../vc04_services/bcm2835-camera/mmal-vchiq.c      | 159 +++++----
> >  .../vc04_services/bcm2835-camera/mmal-vchiq.h      |  22 +-
> >  12 files changed, 826 insertions(+), 654 deletions(-)
> >
> > =2D-
> > 2.7.4
> >

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