[PATCH 1/2] staging: rtl8712: r8712_setdatarate_cmd(): Change

Dan Carpenter dan.carpenter at oracle.com
Mon Jun 10 14:33:33 UTC 2019

On Mon, Jun 10, 2019 at 10:02:27AM +0530, Nishka Dasgupta wrote:
> On 07/06/19 7:45 PM, Dan Carpenter wrote:
> > Probably you sent this patch unintentionally.  The subject doesn't make
> > any sort of sense.  :P
> So the problem with the subject line is that git send-email and vim (as
> configured on my laptop) tend to line-wrap even the subject line. Since I
> have two patches that do the same thing for different functions, I felt I
> should have the driver and the function name in the subject line (to avoid
> confusion between the patches and to allow for easy searching later). But
> that doesn't leave enough space in the subject line for "Change return
> values/type" or any other descriptive message. What should I do?

I don't really care.

[PATCH] staging: rtl8712: clean up r8712_setdatarate_cmd() return type

dan carpenter

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