[PATCH] erofs: move erofs out of staging

Richard Weinberger richard at nod.at
Sat Aug 17 23:25:58 UTC 2019

----- Ursprüngliche Mail -----
>> How does erofs compare to squashfs?
>> IIUC it is designed to be faster. Do you have numbers?
>> Feel free to point me older mails if you already showed numbers,
>> I have to admit I didn't follow the development very closely.
> You can see the following related material which has microbenchmark
> tested on my laptop:
> https://static.sched.com/hosted_files/kccncosschn19eng/19/EROFS%20file%20system_OSS2019_Final.pdf
> which was mentioned in the related topic as well:
> https://lore.kernel.org/r/20190815044155.88483-1-gaoxiang25@huawei.com/

Will read into.

While digging a little into the code I noticed that you have very few
checks of the on-disk data.
For example ->u.i_blkaddr. I gave it a try and created a
malformed filesystem where u.i_blkaddr is 0xdeadbeef, it causes the kernel
to loop forever around erofs_read_raw_page().


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