I have already sent you Money Gram payment of $5000.00 today, MTCN 10288059

Mrs,Mary J. Anold info.zennitbankplcnigerian at gmail.com
Fri Aug 2 14:27:57 UTC 2019

Attn Beneficiary,

I have already sent you Money Gram payment of $5000.00 today, MTCN 10288059
because we have finally concluded to effect your transfer
funds of $4.8,000.000usd
through MONEY GRAM International Fund transfer Service
Each payment will be sending to you by $5000.00 daily until the
($4.8,000.000usd) is completely transferred
we have this morning sent  MONEY GRAM payment of $5,000.00
ready to pick up by you, Money Gram payment of $5000.00 sent today,
MTCN 10288059
So contact the MONEY GRAM Agent to pick up this first payment of $5000 now

Contact person Dr. Don James
Direector MONEY GRAM Service,Benin
Phone number: +229 98856728
E-mail: moneygram.1820 at outlook.fr

Ask him to give you the complete, sender name, question and
answer to enable you pick up the $5.000.00 sent today, Also you are
instructed to re-confirm to him your information's as listed below to
avoid wrong transactions

(1) Receiver Name--------------
(2) Contact address--------------
(3) Country---------------------
(4) Telephone------------------

Contact Dr. Don James for your MONEY GRAM payment of $4.8,000.000usd
Note: I have paid the deposit and insurrance fees for you but the only
money you are required to send to them is just $19.00 dollars only for
transfer fee
You must make sure that you send this required transfer to office
before you can be avle to pick up your first $5000.00 at your addrss
We need your urgent reply

Best Regards
Mrs,Mary J. Anold

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