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Thu Oct 18 08:25:19 UTC 2018

My Name is Ethan James Mbuya, Director of operations;   Standard Bank of South Africa (SBSA) This message might meet you in utmost surprise. However, it's just my  
urgent need for a foreign partner that prompted me to contact you for this transaction.

An account was opened in my bank by a customer Mr.Thomas Homas Bahia a Dutch National who was a consultant contractor with the Federal Ministry of Mines and Power  
here in South Africa. He made a number of fixed Deposit with my bank valued at $37,521,457.00 for twelve calendar months since 2010 which has been rolled over twice in  
2011 and 2012 upon maturity expecting him to come forward to with further instruction on his account.

He never did, so we sent series of routine notification to his forwarding address but got no reply. I decided to contact few workers left in his consulting office, only to discover that MR. THOMAS BAHIA and his family were involved in the Libya plane crash of 12th May 2010. You may have read or heard about the plane crash.

If no direct or indirect claim is made on the deposit at the end of the expiration period stipulated by the South Africa financial law, the fund will be tagged  
"Unclaimed funds" and will be taken over by the government treasury department. So I am contacting you to file an indirect claim application as next-of-kin to the fund for joint investment purpose between you and I in your country. This is the right time to make the move before the closing of the account year for 2018. 

There is no risk involved as I will guide you through the whole process, ensuring the necessary document is secured in your name from the deposit dossier with the  
bank and the required approval secured to guarantee a successful release of the fund to your as next-of-kin. 

As the account officer to Mr.Thomas Homas Bahia as at when he made the various deposit and later I rose to the position of head of the operation, nobody is aware of  
the fund status since I have continually and recently rolled over the fund while making and strategizing my plan when I discovered the customer or anyone from him will  
never come for the fund.

This is a good fund you and I can easily invest in your country as I will not want my share return immediately untill I retire from active service from the bank.

Looking forward to your reply to enable us make progress.

Ethan James Mbuya.

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