[PATCH net-next 00/12] switchdev: Convert switchdev_port_obj_{add,del}() to notifiers

Petr Machata petrm at mellanox.com
Fri Nov 23 01:40:23 UTC 2018

Petr Machata <petrm at mellanox.com> writes:

> An offloading driver may need to have access to switchdev events on
> ports that aren't directly under its control. An example is a VXLAN port
> attached to a bridge offloaded by a driver. The driver needs to know
> about VLANs configured on the VXLAN device. However the VXLAN device
> isn't stashed between the bridge and a front-panel-port device (such as
> is the case e.g. for LAG devices), so the usual switchdev ops don't
> reach the driver.

mlxsw will use these notifications to offload VXLAN devices attached to
a VLAN-aware bridge. The patches are available here should anyone wish
to take a look:



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