[PATCH V4] binder: ipc namespace support for android binder

chouryzhou(周威) chouryzhou at tencent.com
Tue Nov 13 08:12:08 UTC 2018

> I have not received an answer to my questions in the last version of this patch
> set. Also it would be good if I could be Cc'ed by default. I can't hunt down all
> patches.
> I do not know of any kernel entity, specifically devices, that change namespaces
> on open().
> This seems like an invitation for all kinds of security bugs.
> A device node belongs to one namespace only which is attached to the
> underlying kobject. Opening the device should never change that.
> Please look at how mqueue or shm are doing this. They don't change
> namespaces on open either.
> I have to say that is one of the main reasons why I disagree with that design.

If we must return the same context when every open in proc, we can only isolate
binder with mnt namespace instead of ipc namespace, what do you think, Todd?

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