[PATCH] staging: comedi: usbduxfast: Improve unlocking of a mutex in usbduxfast_ai_insn_read()

SF Markus Elfring elfring at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Nov 3 16:39:21 UTC 2017

>> @@ -838,6 +834,10 @@ static int usbduxfast_ai_insn_read(struct comedi_device *dev,
>>       mutex_unlock(&devpriv->mut);
>>         return insn->n;
> Minor niggle: You could also remove that call to mutex_unlock() by replacing the above three lines with:
>     ret = insn->n;
> which will fall through to the 'unlock:' label below.

Thanks for your suggestion.

Such a software refactoring is also possible if a corresponding
consensus could be achieved.
* Can such a change mean that the lock scope will be extended
  for both use cases (successful and failed function execution)?

* How much does this implementation matter for you?

* Would you like to achieve a small reduction of the object code there?

* How do you think about consequences from special communication settings
  by a well-known maintainer for my update suggestions?


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