[PATCH v2 0/7] lib: string: add functions to case-convert strings

Markus Mayer markus.mayer at broadcom.com
Tue Jul 5 22:36:22 UTC 2016

On 5 July 2016 at 15:14, Joe Perches <joe at perches.com> wrote:
> On Tue, 2016-07-05 at 13:47 -0700, Markus Mayer wrote:
>> This series introduces a family of generic string case conversion
>> functions. This kind of functionality is needed in several places in
>> the kernel. Right now, everybody seems to be implementing their own
>> copy of this functionality.
>> Based on the discussion of the previous version of this series[1] and
>> the use cases found in the kernel, it does look like having several
>> flavours of case conversion functions is beneficial. The use cases fall
>> into three categories:
>>     - copying a string and converting the case while specifying a
>>       maximum length to mimic strncpy()
>>     - copying a string and converting the case without specifying a
>>       length to mimic strcpy()
>>     - converting the case of a string in-place (i.e. modifying the
>>       string that was passed in)
>> Consequently, I am proposing these new functions:
>>     char *strncpytoupper(char *dst, const char *src, size_t len);
>>     char *strncpytolower(char *dst, const char *src, size_t len);
>>     char *strcpytoupper(char *dst, const char *src);
>>     char *strcpytolower(char *dst, const char *src);
>>     char *strtoupper(char *s);
>>     char *strtolower(char *s);
> I think there isn't much value in anything other
> than strto<upper|lower>.
> Using str[n]cpy followed by strto<upper|lower> is
> pretty obvious and rarely used anyway.

First time around, folks were proposing the "copy" variants when I
submitted just strtolower() by itself[1]. They just asked for source
and destination parameters to strtolower(), but looking at the use
cases that wouldn't have worked so well. Hence it evolved into these 6

Here's a breakdown of how the functions are being used (patches 2-7),
see also [2]:

Patch 2: strncpytolower()
Patch 3: strtolower()
Patch 4: strncpytolower() and strtolower()
Patch 5: strtolower()
Patch 6: strcpytoupper()
Patch 7: strcpytoupper()

So it does look like the copy + change case variant is more frequently
used than just strto<upper|lower>.


[1] https://lkml.org/lkml/2016/7/1/652
[2] https://lkml.org/lkml/2016/7/5/542

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