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Wed Jan 20 18:20:44 UTC 2016

Good Day Friend,

With all due respect to your person, as we have not met in anywhere before, please permit me in drawing your attention to this proposal. Despite the fact that we have not met or done anything before, I want to assure you that this proposal will definitely benefit both of us. So I pray that you give this proposal good attention.

I am Mr.Robert phillip, A senior officer with Barclays Capital Plc, I have been with the bank for 16 years now and I am the account manager to Late E. Blundell, who died with his children in Lebanon during the Isreali and Hizbollah war. he has a total deposit of $14.6million (Fourteen Million Six Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) before his untimely demise with his family.

Since the death of Blundell and his family, his account has been dormant without no next of kin as his wife and child whom he named the next of kin are both dead alongside with him and no one else will ever come for the fund. Therefore, I contact you this day to give me your full trust and sincerity so that this fund will be beneficial to both of us.

The interesting development here is that you are not at any risk whatsoever because I have worked out all the arrangements and have successfully withdrawn the whole funds with my official capacity and it's now packaged in cash and kept at the secured private storage place and what is left to do is give you details of the storage and you open contact with them and claim the fund's packages, I informed the storage management that I am safe-keeping for a foreign friend, but didn't disclose any name and you must understand that I didn't store the packages on my name for security reasons, so they won't be any traces whatsoever.

I am assuring you that you shall not be subjected to any form of risk,it is 100% free deal all that is important now is the true and exact understanding, this deal shall remain a top secret between me and you for the sake of my job and reputation. so do not betray me after taking possession of the funds, we shall discuss the sharing formula when you get back to me.

I hope to further strengthen my business relationship with you after the execution of this transaction. Regardless of the fact that we have not done business before, I strongly believe that for the sake of God, you will exhibit a trust worthy character when you receive the fund.

Thank you in anticipation of your cooperation.
Yours truly,
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Mr.Robert Phillip.

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