[PATCH v2 1/2] timekeeping: add EXPORT_SYMBOL_GPL for do_adjtimex()

Richard Cochran richardcochran at gmail.com
Tue Oct 21 08:20:58 UTC 2014

On Mon, Oct 20, 2014 at 11:02:13PM -0500, Jeff Epler wrote:
> It's interesting to imagine that a virtualization host could present a
> time service to the guest *userspace*, even when the guest is not
> otherwise exposed to the internet at large.  This could take the form of
> an NTP server on a private network, or as an implementation of a time
> source directly usable by ntpd in the guest, for instance as an emulated
> serial port with synthetic NEMA GPS signal + PPS signal, for instance.

If the idea is to avoid bothering the guest user space, in order to be
convenient, then the host can provide a synthetic PPS, to be used by
the kernel's hardpps logic.


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