[PATCH 00/18] staging: comedi: clean up reading data from the async buffer

H Hartley Sweeten hsweeten at visionengravers.com
Mon Oct 20 18:52:04 UTC 2014

Currently there are 3 exported methods to read sample data from the async buffer.

  1) cfc_read_array_from_buffer() - a wrapper around comedi_read_array_from_buffer()
  2) comedi_read_array_from_buffer() - reads multiple samples
  3) comedi_buf_get() - reads a single sample

In addition there are the exported functions comedi_buf_memcpy_{to,from}() that are
only used internally to read/write data to/from the async buffer.

Introduce a new generic helper function, comedi_buf_read_samples(), to read samples
from the async buffer. Use this function to replace the three "read" methods above.

Remove the exports from comedi_buf_memcpy_{to,from}() and tidy them up a bit.

H Hartley Sweeten (18):
  staging: comedi: comedi_buf: introduce comedi_buf_read_samples()
  staging: comedi: amplc_pci224: use comedi_buf_read_samples()
  staging: comedi: cb_pcidas: introduce cb_pcidas_ao_load_fifo()
  staging: comedi: cb_pcidas: introduce cb_pcidas64_ao_fill_buffer()
  staging: comedi: dt282x: introduce dt282x_ao_setup_dma()
  staging: comedi: comedi_fc.h: remove cfc_read_array_from_buffer()
  staging: comedi: comedi_buf: remove export of comedi_read_array_from_buffer()
  staging: comedi: comedi_buf: absorb comedi_read_array_from_buffer()
  staging: comedi: comedi_buf: make comedi_buf_read_samples() work for single samples
  staging: comedi: ni_mio_common: use comedi_buf_read_samples()
  staging: comedi: amplc_pci230: use comedi_buf_read_samples()
  staging: comedi: usbdux: use comedi_buf_read_samples()
  staging: comedi: usbduxsigma: use comedi_buf_read_samples()
  staging: comedi: comedi_buf: remove comedi_buf_get()
  staging: comedi: comedi_buf: dont't export comedi_buf_memcpy_from()
  staging: comedi: comedi_buf: don't export comedi_buf_memcpy_to()
  staging: comedi: comedi_buf: comedi_buf_memcpy_to() remove 'offset' param
  staging: comedi: comedi_buf: comedi_buf_memcpy_from() remove 'offset' param

 drivers/staging/comedi/comedi_buf.c            | 72 ++++++++++-------------
 drivers/staging/comedi/comedidev.h             |  9 +--
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/amplc_pci224.c  |  7 +--
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/amplc_pci230.c  | 17 +++---
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/cb_pcidas.c     | 54 +++++++-----------
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/cb_pcidas64.c   | 79 +++++++++++++++-----------
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/comedi_fc.h     |  7 ---
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/dt282x.c        | 42 +++++++-------
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/ni_mio_common.c | 13 +----
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/usbdux.c        |  3 +-
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/usbduxsigma.c   |  3 +-
 11 files changed, 137 insertions(+), 169 deletions(-)


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