[PATCH 2/2] hyperv: Implement Time Synchronization using host time sample

Mike Surcouf mps.surcouf.lkml at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 14:14:21 UTC 2014

Even with networking I think there are other senarios where this would
be useful such as no access to an NTP server  due to firewall rules or
no internal NTP or simply an admin without much knowledge of NTP.

HyperV host very likely has good time from AD and it would be good if
the Linux VM just synced its time from the host after a vanilla
install  (just like windows VMs).
That would require no configuration and probably save a ton of support traffic.
However this patch requires a module parameter which really negates
the zero configuration argument.
Also please don't make this the default until the timesync component
is more comprehensive and provides a stable time of similar quality to
VMware has put a lot of effort into host -> guest timesync so I think
there is a case for some form of host based time sync on HyperV.

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