Anybody working on rtl8712?

Larry Finger Larry.Finger at
Fri Jun 20 17:15:31 UTC 2014

On 06/20/2014 10:40 AM, Kristina Martšenko wrote:
> Hi Larry and Florian,
> I'm helping Greg do a bit of cleanup in the staging tree. I noticed that
> nobody seems to have worked towards moving rtl8712 out of staging in
> over a year. Are there any plans to clean it up and move it out soon?
> Because otherwise we're going to have to delete the driver, as we don't
> want staging to become a permanent place for unfinished code.


Wireless drivers that do not use mac80211 cannot be placed in the regular 
wireless tree, no matter how polished and finished they are. Is having a rigid 
delete schedule in the best interests of the users? That driver is crap code, 
but it works and it does not crash!

There has been an effort to develop a driver to replace it, but I am not 
involved in that effort. I am not even sure it would use mac80211, thus it might 
also be in staging. I have been kept busy incorporating the new PCIe devices 
whose drivers do satisfy the requirements for being placed in the regular tree, 
once the code is polished. Even so, two such drivers are currently in staging, 
and need to be moved in the next two or three cycles.


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