[PATCH 19/19] [v4] Add in-kernel firmware loading support

Mark Hounschell markh at compro.net
Thu Feb 20 13:31:13 UTC 2014

On 02/20/2014 03:58 AM, Dan Carpenter wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 19, 2014 at 04:54:15PM -0500, Mark Hounschell wrote:
>> This patch adds in-kernel firmware loading support and removes
>> support for the original userland firmware loading process.
>> Signed-off-by: Mark Hounschell <markh at compro.net>
>> Cc: Greg Kroah-Hartman <gregkh at linuxfoundation.org>
> Still has checkpatch errors.
> total: 10 errors, 48 warnings, 722 lines checked
> regards,
> dan carpenter

Thanks Dan, I think I've got them all fixed. I'll be resending shortly
and hopefully it will end up back in the original thread. I must not
have used the "--in-reply-to=" correctly here.


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