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Dominik Paulus dominik.paulus at
Wed Sep 11 16:06:46 UTC 2013


this patch series includes an updated version of the IPv6 support patch (a call
to freeaddrinfo() was missing) as well as:

 - The client/server authentication support using GnuTLS Tobias already
   announced on the usbip-devel mailing list some time ago[1]

 - Support for restricting the access to devices to specific IP address ranges

 - Improved error reporting and new error codes to be passed over the TCP

We think that the added features justify a version bump to 1.2.0. The
corresponding patch is also included. All protocol changes are
backwards-compatible, thus, we don't increment the protocol version.

	Tobias Polzer and Dominik Paulus

[1] See <6aeb926e1c4572e79488a91a827333c9.squirrel at>

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