hyperv: is register a mandatory phase by hypervkvpd?

vaughan vaughan.cao at oracle.com
Tue Mar 5 12:47:58 UTC 2013

I guess I found a bug -- hypervkvpd running alone without hv_utils
loaded encounters segfault when service cgred start on RHEL6.4. It
occurs with both 0.8 and 0.9, regardless of i686 or x86_64.

I read in hv_kvp_daemon.c that the user mode componet should first
registers with the kernel component.
But in my test, the hand shake phase has been ignored.
Things happens like this:
hv_utils.ko and hv_vmbus.ko is not loaded, start hypervkvpd is fine.
Then, I start cgred with the default configuration. cgroup also use
NETLINK_CONNECTOR protocol and send messages with cb_id{1,1}. Hypervkvpd
receive messages without checking their source. Some messages with
cb_id{1,1} were receviced and blindly interpreted as hv_kvp_msg. Since
the hand_shake check is as below:
if ((in_hand_shake) && (op == KVP_OP_REGISTER1)) {
//handle kvp messages
switch (op) { ... }
Register phase is also skipped.
Everytime the KVP_OP_SET opcode is reached, kvp_key_add_or_modify() is
invoked with an very large key_size. After several iterations, segfault
occurs in memcpy(record[i].key, key, key_size) (key_size is negative now).

I'm not very familiar with connector. But I ran the sample in
Documentation/connector/ and found that a NETLINK_CONNECTOR socket would
always some messages with cb_id{1,1}. So blindly suppose all messages
are kvp_msg is not correct. hypervkvpd should check the source of
messages and perhaps even check nlmsg_type in the nlmsghdr.


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