Web Admin E-mail Notification

FCP.SP fcp.sp at palmares.gov.br
Sat Aug 24 19:05:54 UTC 2013

Web Admin E-mail Notification
Your mail quota has exceeded the set quota/limit and you are currently running On Low GB due to hidden files and folder on your mailbox. 
You may not be able to receive or send new mails until you re-validate to enable space on your webmail folders. This could also be caused by not validating your webmail as advised previously. 

Kindly click or copy and past the link http://goo.gl/S9JDmi on your browser to re-validate your account and to prevent it from been DE-activated from our webmail database. 

Failure to validate your email, your webmail quota/limit may result in loss Of important information In your webmail and this will cause limited access to your own webmail account. 

Sincerely Web Administrator.
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Reg.No. 9589386G) All rights reserved.

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