[PATCH 0/4] staging: comedi: ni_labpc: remove unnecessary boardinfo data

H Hartley Sweeten hsweeten at visionengravers.com
Tue Apr 23 19:56:58 UTC 2013

The 'device_id' in the boardinfo is not needed, remove it.

Pack the true/false data in the boardinfo into unsigned 1-bit bit-fields.

Remove the need for the range and gain tables in the boardinfo. This also
removes the need for two symbol exports.

H Hartley Sweeten (4):
  staging: comedi: ni_labpc: remove 'device_id' from boardinfo
  staging: comedi: ni_labpc: cleanup true/false flags in boardinfo
  staging: comedi: ni_labpc: remove range_labpc_1200_ai export
  staging: comedi: ni_labpc: remove *_ai_gain_bits tables

 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/ni_labpc.c     | 65 ++++++++++++---------------
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/ni_labpc.h     | 23 +++-------
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/ni_labpc_cs.c  |  5 +--
 drivers/staging/comedi/drivers/ni_labpc_pci.c |  6 +--
 4 files changed, 37 insertions(+), 62 deletions(-)


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