[PATCH v2] mfd:rtsx: Support RTS5249

wwang wei_wang at realsil.com.cn
Fri Apr 19 01:50:33 UTC 2013

于 2013年04月19日 06:50, Samuel Ortiz 写道:
> Hi Wei,
> On Thu, Apr 11, 2013 at 10:43:40AM +0800, wei_wang at realsil.com.cn wrote:
>> From: Wei WANG <wei_wang at realsil.com.cn>
>> Support new model: RTS5249
> Could you please provide me with a more detailled changelog (What's so
> different with this model that the current driver does not support ?) before I
> apply it ?
> Cheers,
> Samuel.

The difference is minor except that RTS5249 supports SD UHS-II interface.

In order to support SD UHS-II,the definitions of some internal 
registers of RTS5249 have to be modified and are different from its 
predecessors. So we need this patch to ensure RTS5249 can work, even 
SD/MMC stack doesn't support UHS-II interface.

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