DR.NED OKOH emailinfo at
Sat Sep 22 11:26:02 UTC 2012

Good day my dear,
I am writing to acknowledge you that this is the second time we are notifying you about your payment worth of US$16.5m USD,with foreign Remittance payment department office which is due to be released to you by ATM card As we begin the last fiscal payment of the year 2012.Please send this information below as needed for your fund release to you OK.

1)Your Full Name__________________________ _____________
2)Your Address_______________________ ______________________________
3)Your Age___________________________ _______________________
4)Your Direct Telephone Number________________________ ________________
5)Fax Number________________________ _________________
6)Occupation____________________ __________________________

We sincerely apologies for our late contact with you, We are committed to serve you better and you have been advice to get back to me immediately for more details regarding your payment okay.

Yours in service
Dr.Ned Okoh

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