work on rts5139

wwang wei_wang at
Mon May 14 02:50:04 UTC 2012

Hi Oleksij:

We will modify the TODO file to manifest our next steps on Realtek card 
reader drivers.  And as to your feature request, we will add it in our 
new driver stack.

Many Thanks!

于 2012年05月12日 21:58, Oleksij Rempel 写道:
> Hi wwang:
> I just noticed that your answer was not CCed to driver@ list. It is
> important to let other know, that you working on the driver. I started
> my work because there was no match activity on the it, no notice in the
> TODO list and no driver for rts5139 on realteks website.
> If you agree you or i can forward your previous response to mailing list.
> And i have one feature request. Please provide some sort of access to
> CID data of the sd card. Current driver which i use, redirect response
> of ALL_SEND_CID to the NULL. If you will use mmc framework, then it is
> not your problem. But if you will use your own implementation, then
> please provide it, over /proc/scsi or /sys interface or just to printk
> it to the dmesg.
> Currently i made a patch for your driver to pritnk it and do some of my
> computer forensic work on the laptop with this card reader.
> On 10.05.2012 11:30, wwang wrote:
>> Hi Oleksij:
>> 1.  Will you base your new driver on linux/drivers/mmc stack?
>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>> It's another plan.
>> linux/drivers/mmc stack is great for sd/mmc card, but rts5139 and other
>> Realtek card readers also support memory stick and xd card. It will be a
>> bit difficult to integrate other card model with linux sd/mmc stack. And
>> if we take compatibility issue into consideration, a standalone driver
>> is still a wiser choice for us.  But we do have a plan to write a sd
>> only driver, based on linux sd/mmc stack.
>> 2. Are there any open documentation for rts5139 or is it NDA?
>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>> No, we don't have detailed open document for rts5139 yet. And the legal
>> issue is not my concern, so I can't answer your question on NDA for now.
>> 3. the current driver has polling function, it produce 1% CPU load. Even
>> if no card is present. Are there any plans to avoid it in new stack? Or
>> at least increase polling interval to 100 or more instead of currently
>> used 50?
>> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>> We also notice CPU loading issue recently. Increasing polling interval
>> is the way to solve it. But only increasing it will cause other problem,
>> such as slow card detection.  We will give our solution in the next
>> release.
>> Best regards,
>> wwang

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