[PATCH] staging: zsmalloc: add user-definable alloc/free funcs

Greg Kroah-Hartman gregkh at linuxfoundation.org
Mon Mar 19 23:34:09 UTC 2012

On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 01:54:56PM -0500, Seth Jennings wrote:
> > I'm sorry, I know this isn't fair for your specific patch, but we have
> > to stop this sometime, and as this patch adds code isn't even used by
> > anyone, its a good of a time as any.
> So, this the my first "promotion from staging" rodeo.  I would love to
> see this code mainlined ASAP.  How would I/we go about doing that?

What subsystem should this code live in?  The -mm code, I'm guessing,
right?  If so, submit it to the linux-mm mailing list for inclusion, you
can point them at what is in drivers/staging right now, or probably it's
easier if you just make a new patch that adds the code that is in
drivers/staging/ to the correct location in the kernel.  That way it's
easier to review and change.  When it finally gets accepted, we can then
delete the drivers/staging code.

hope this helps,

greg k-h

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