A second easycap driver implementation

Ezequiel García elezegarcia at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 21:05:52 UTC 2012


After some research on v4l2 and videbuf2, and considering that easycap
driver is pretty
outdated I've decided to start writing a new driver from scratch.

I am using the excellent vivi driver and some usb video capture drivers as
a starting point. And of course, I'm using the current easycap implementation
as a reference (it works pretty well).

I have a couple of doubts regarding the development itself (how to
trace properly,
where to allocate urbs, and such) but perhaps the maintainers prefer
to take a look
at the code.

However, currently the driver is just a skeleton: it does all v4l2 and
videobuf2 intialization
but it doesn't actually stream video or submit urbs.

1. Should I try to have something more finished before submit or can I
submit as it is?
2. In any case, how should I submit it? (Considering there is already
a working driver).


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