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Hello to the Linux driver project....

You might have heard of the Openmoko smartphone that was released some years
ago and faded a bit.

You may not have heard of the "GTA04" replacement motherboard.  This is board
which goes into the case for an Openmoko Freerunner or Neo 1973 and gives it
better capabilities like 3G, USB-2.0, 512Meg RAM, faster (OMAP) processor,

We do have Linux running on this device but could use some help making it run
better - hence this request.

We do have an offer to provide a small number of boards to developers who
commit to make them work better.  They would be most suitable for someone who
already has an Openmoko phone (maybe gathering dust in a draw) as it could
ultimately be used as a fully functional phone.  It is possible to do a lot
of development with just the bare board, a battery, a serial cable and a USB
cable though.

There may be a delay in getting the boards as we are hoping to get enough
pre-orders for a modest (350) manufacturing run and the boards on offer would
come from that run.  However if we could line someone up now, that will
reduce delays once the boards are ready.

The particular needs are:

 Drivers for sensors.
   The board has an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer.
   We do have simplistic drivers for these but there is room for improvement.
   Particularly the accelerometer can generate interrupts on certain
   conditions like taps or re-orientations but this functionality is not made
   available by the driver.
   Also some of the drivers provide ad-hoc interfaces and it might be good to
   provide IIO interfaces (maybe).

 FM radio:
   The board has an FM radio transceiver.  This should be integrated with V4L2
   I suspect.

 Battery charging / USB power
   Basic battery charging works, however it always tries to draw 600mA which
   is contrary to USB spec.  There needs to be some negotiation with the
   host to determine how much current is available, and then only draw that
   much current for charging. (Also device doesn't charge while in suspend,
   but this is probably an easy fix).

 IrDA / CIR:
   This is an infrared interface which has not received any attention yet.
   It is connected to the OMAP3 UART3 which can drive these directly.

 Power management:
   This isn't exactly a driver issue, but current usage during suspend is
   still too high (60mA instead of below 10mA).  I believe this is due to
   something in the OMAP3 not being turned off properly but it could be
   something else completely.   Getting this resolved would be excellent.

We currently have two separate software stacks which provide mobile phone
functionality on this hardware and kernel:  QtMoko and FSO

Other info is available at:
        This is a PDF which contains lots of details including links
        to data sheets for most components, plus schematics.
     overview of current status of the kernel

(detailed specification for cases are also available, so using a 3D printer to
build a case for the motherboard could also be a fun side-project).

Thanks for any help you can provide,

NeilBrown - on behalf of the GTA04 project.
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