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Capt. Jerry Finely capt.finely at
Sat Dec 22 19:27:23 UTC 2012

Dear Friend,
I am  Capt. Jerry Finely of the US Army base in FOB Delaram Afghanistan ,I have ($10.5 Million US Dollars) on an oil and mining deal here in Kabul-Afghanistan with  an Afghanistan citizen, and because of my status
as a soldier in the US Army, I can not transfer the money to my country of origin because of security reasons,query and questions from the US Government.
Am searching for some one that is capable of handling, trustful,And someone that have the fear of God that can help me, because I have made arrangement with an United Nation diplomatic company Agent which a friend
introduce me to the company that can move the money through diplomatic packaged out from Afghanistan.
I am offering 40% of the total sum to whom so ever that will help me to receive the money for me,and 5% of this money will be offset to any expenses that might be incurred during this transaction, such expenses
taxations, Telephone Bills and Miscellaneous.(b) after deducting all expenses from the 5% the balance would  be added to my 60% in his country before my arrival in your country in future to get the money.
I will like us to keep a low profile on this transaction and let’s keep it a top secret between you and me and I will like us to communicate through
email for security purpose.
I wait to hear from you my dear friend.
Capt. Jerry Finely.
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