[PATCH 1/3] tools/hv: Fix for long file names from readdir

Tomas Hozza thozza at redhat.com
Tue Dec 18 08:06:09 UTC 2012

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> > This is just for sanity. The value PATH_MAX was chosen after
> > discussion
> > with K. Y. Srinivasan and Olaf Hering instead of some "magic"
> > number like
> > 256 or 512.
> PATH_MAX is a magic name.

It is defined in "limits.h". I would welcome some more constructive
argumentation and critics.

> > > Using snprintf() is a good idea, but you need to check the return
> > > value and handle the truncation case somehow.
> > 
> > By using PATH_MAX sized buffer there is no need for handling the
> > truncation
> > case.
> You are claiming two contradictory things: sprintf() may overrun the
> buffer, so we need the length check provided by snprintf(), but there
> is no need to check for truncation because we know the length is
> sufficient.

So what do you propose? How should it be solved?

Thank you.

Tomas Hozza

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