[PATCH 4/5] rtl8712: replace min with min_t

Przemo Firszt przemo at firszt.eu
Mon Dec 10 23:20:42 UTC 2012

Dnia 2012-12-11, wto o godzinie 01:49 +0300, Dan Carpenter pisze:
> At the end iwe.u.data.length is going to be a number between 0 and
> 32.  That can easily fit in 16 bits no problem.
> The difference is that, imagine ->network.Ssid.SsidLength is larger
> than u16 like 0x10001.  The cast to u16 changes it to 0x0001 which
> is less than 32 so we would say the minimum is 1 when actually we
> want to say 32 is the min.
Thank you! That was the thing that I missed...
New set of patches on the way.
Kind regards,
Przemo Firszt

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