[PATCH V7] bcma: add Broadcom specific AMBA bus driver

Arend van Spriel arend at broadcom.com
Tue May 17 17:33:44 UTC 2011

On 05/09/2011 06:56 PM, Rafał Miłecki wrote:
> Broadcom has released cards based on a new AMBA-based bus type. From a
> programming point of view, this new bus type differs from AMBA and does
> not use AMBA common registers. It also differs enough from SSB. We
> decided that a new bus driver is needed to keep the code clean.
> In its current form, the driver detects devices present on the bus and
> registers them in the system. It allows registering BCMA drivers for
> specified bus devices and provides them basic operations. The bus driver
> itself includes two important bus managing drivers: ChipCommon core
> driver and PCI(c) core driver. They are early used to allow correct
> initialization.
> Currently code is limited to supporting buses on PCI(e) devices, however
> the driver is designed to be used also on other hosts. The host
> abstraction layer is implemented and already used for PCI(e).
> Support for PCI(e) hosts is working and seems to be stable (access to
> 80211 core was tested successfully on a few devices). We can still
> optimize it by using some fixed windows, but this can be done later
> without affecting any external code. Windows are just ranges in MMIO
> used for accessing cores on the bus.
Hi Rafał,

Just some minor feedback on coding style. I wanted to make a change in 
host_pci.c to avoid changing the PCI BAR window and noticed following:
1. indentation is all spaces.
2. initial indent is 7 spaces, and subsequent indents are 8 spaces.
3. pointer assignment: ptr =&var;
4. output parameter: foo(bar,&yabar);

I am not sure whether checkpatch.pl triggers on any of these, but can we 
fix at least items 1) and 2).

Gr. AvS

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