[PATCH] drivers/staging/ath6kl/os/linux/cfg80211.c: Add missing call to cfg80211_put_bss

Kalle Valo kvalo at adurom.com
Mon May 16 16:37:46 UTC 2011

Hi Julia,

Julia Lawall <julia at diku.dk> writes:

> From: Julia Lawall <julia at diku.dk>
> A call to cfg80211_get_bss hould be accompanied by a call to
> cfg80211_put_bss in error-handling code.


> ---
> I don't really understand the use of the bss variable later.  Afterwards,
> along the normal execution path, there is also a call to cfg80211_put_bss,
> but at this point bss has been redefined, and I don't have the impression
> that it still points to the same value.

The original code looks buggy to me:

    /* Before informing the join/connect event, make sure that
     * bss entry is present in scan list, if it not present
     * construct and insert into scan list, otherwise that
     * event will be dropped on the way by cfg80211, due to
     * this keys will not be plumbed in case of WEP and
     * application will not be aware of join/connect status. */
    bss = cfg80211_get_bss(ar->wdev->wiphy, NULL, bssid,
                           ar->wdev->ssid, ar->wdev->ssid_len,
                           ((ADHOC_NETWORK & networkType) ?
                           ((ADHOC_NETWORK & networkType) ?

But, as you point out, the bss is not used for anything. I think the
call and the comment should be just removed.

Kalle Valo

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