[PATCH] brcm80211: Allow scans after scanning for specific ssid

Sean Paul seanpaul at chromium.org
Thu May 12 12:15:44 UTC 2011

On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 2:28 AM, Sukesh Srikakula <sukeshs at broadcom.com> wrote:
> Hi Sean,
> Your fix looks to be hacky. With your fix, brcm driver will always report success for cfg80211_scan_done.
> But, there are some occasions where scan may be aborted by FW, which needs to be reported to cfg80211.

There are cases where wl_dev_ioctl returns 0, but the scan was
aborted? That seems incorrect to me. If we
can't trust the error code coming out of the ioctl call, is there
another way to differentiate this case?

> In my view, first we need to debug why iscan is unable to send cfg80211_scan_done notification.

In the case I'm covering here, iscan isn't called (iscan_req ==
false). In fact, the wl_do_iscan path works
just fine for me.

> Recently, we fixed some issues related to scan. Those fixes might help here. Currently they are under
> review. Will let you know once they reached the staging tree.

Thanks for the update!


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