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I am Mr. Richard Elsworth the son of Late Henry Elsworth white farmer in Zimbabwe that was killed since the ruling party militants illegally occupied hundreds of white-owned farms in our country Zimbabwe. Ever since this event this has been imperative to our tribulation in Zimbabwe which has led to our present predicament My father Elsworth was a former lawmaker in the white-dominated parliament of Rhodesia, in Zimbabwe before independence, as he served as independent lawmaker among the whites for the first seven years of independence, and he has been an outspoken critic of President Robert Mugabe’s ruling party.

The government of Robert Mugabe president of Zimbabwe in the year 2000 promulgated an abysmal land law the fast tract land resettlement program aimed at taking land from the rich white commercial farmers in Zimbabwe and given it to the so called poor natural inhabitants of Zimbabwe the black Zimbabweans who as the president claimed are the rightful owners of these land  as this effects our lands including the lands where our personal houses where built on have been taking from us rendering us homeless In pursuance to this law the so called natural inhabitants the black Zimbabweans. We were hoping that the international community will come to our rescue but this hope has been dashed since all we hear is that the international community is still appealing to the Zimbabwean government to reconsider the law which clearly has fallen on deaf ears since most of us have been relegated to nothing and spread into most African countries like South Africa, Nigeria and some Nebo ring countries looking for a better tomorr

President Robert Mugabe has described the farm occupations as a justified protest against unfair land ownership by whites, and his government has ignored High Court orders to end the illegal and often violent occupations as well as a Supreme Court ruling declaring land seizures illegal. We have been looking on to our late father’s friend Mr. Mike Campbell who has taken the government and president Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe to an international court at the new tribunal of the Southern African Development Community in the Namibian capital of Windhoek.

All these information you can read in BBC News and other websites as showed below.

In these contest since we do not know the time we might be given justices or when there will be a change in the government in other to regain back our farm lands and properties is I have hard a discussion with my family as we have collectively agreed to invest our money (US$150million) presently in a bank in Europe into a viable investments, these is where I want you to please come in as our business partner as we will want  you to tell us what your interest will be in percentage once you have agreed to partner us as we provide you with the funds for investments. Kindly do let us know your areas of investments/business strategies and how viable such business will be once you put in the funds.

I will be waiting to read from you, possibly also let me have your detailed profile to enable me access your capability of handling these volume of money.

Mr. Richard Elsworth.
For Elsworth Farms
elsworthjr at att.net

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