[PATCH 2/3] linux-firmware: Removed codeversion from brcm firmware filenames.

Larry Finger Larry.Finger at lwfinger.net
Tue Apr 5 20:33:14 UTC 2011

On 04/05/2011 02:29 PM, Greg KH wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 05, 2011 at 02:00:18PM -0500, Larry Finger wrote:
>> On 04/05/2011 12:51 PM, Henry Ptasinski wrote:
>>> On 04/05/2011 08:34 AM, Larry Finger wrote:
>>>> I also endorse removing the version number from the firmware name; however, I
>>>> see a fundamental flaw in the present submission. Both brcmsmac and its
>>>> predecessor brcm80211 have been included in mainline and compat-wireless, have
>>>> been widely distributed, and have a number of users. This change will break the
>>>> system of every one of them - including mine.
>>> Hmm. Sounds like you've got the firmware installed with it's original name, and
>>> are using symlinks. Is that correct? A lot of installations (including at least
>>> one major distro) rename the files, and skip the whole symlink approach.
>>> That's we decided to dump the version number appendage. However, if there are a
>>> mix of installation approaches, we should take a somewhat different approach on
>>> the fix.
>>>> My proposed solution is to do the
>>>> rename as done in this patch, but also include links to the new name from every
>>>> name used in any distributed version.
>>> The brcm80211/brcmsmac driver has always looked for "brcm/bcm43xx-0.fw". It
>>> never looked for the version info on the filename. So I don't quite understand
>>> what you mean by "from every name used in any distributed version", as the only
>>> name used in all distributed versions of the driver is exactly the name we're
>>> trying to give to the firmware file. Could you clarify?
>> You are right. Sorry for the noise. Having one name for the firmware
>> in linux-firmware and a different one in the driver got me confused.
>> The current patches will fix that.
>> My distro is openSUSE, which does make a symlink between the name
>> with version info and what the driver actually loads.
> I created that symlink for openSUSE, and if there is a better way to
> solve it, please let me know.

Actually, the name change for the firmware as proposed in these patches will 
eliminate the need for those symlinks. That is the better way. Once that change 
propagates through the system and gets into openSUSE, the firmware files with 
the old names can be deleted.


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